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Replacing Your Clutch? 3 Parts You Should Replace As Well

If your clutch has gone out and you are going to have to change it out, there are a few other parts you should inspect and potentially change out at the same time. You will access these parts when you go through the process of replacing your clutch, and it makes sense to replace these parts when you are already spending the time to get to these hard-to-reach places.

When your clutch is damaged, all you need to replace is the clutch disc. However, just replacing the clutch disc puts you at risk for other parts to fail in the near future, requiring additional costly repair.

Pressure Plate

The first part you should replace alongside the clutch disc is the pressure plate. If you want the clutch repair to last for a long time, you are going to need to replace the pressure plate as well. The pressure plate is supported by springy fingers.

These springy fingers can easily crack or bend over time. Additionally, these springs can easily lose the necessary tension. Save yourself from having to take everything apart later and replace the pressure plate at the same time you replace the clutch disc.

It will add a little to the repair, but it is more affordable than replacing the clutch disc on its own later.

Slave Cylinder

The second part you should consider replacing alongside the clutch disc is the slave cylinder. The slave cylinder is a hydraulic arm that allows your clutch pedal to be pressed down and released upward. This small important part is what allows you to use your clutch pedal.

When you are replacing your clutch disc, you will have to remove the transaxle, which will allow you the access you need to remove the clutch slave cylinder. This may seem like a small piece, but it is an important component of the overall clutch system and worth replacing.

Replace the Clutch Fluid

The third part you need to remember to replace is not a part but is fluid. The clutch fluid is contained within the clutch hydraulic system and can only be accessed by draining the fluids that are located in the space between the slave cylinder and the master cylinder.

You will need to drain this fluid out and replace it when you do the repair. This will keep the system from developing corrosion.

When you replace your clutch disc, make sure you replace other clutch components as well, such as the pressure plate, slave cylinder, and clutch fluid, in order to ensure the clutch continues to function effectively for as long as possible.

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