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Have A Problem With Your Vehicle? You Likely Have One Of These Questions

There are so many components of your vehicle that can break down over time, which will cause you to have questions about how it is operating and if it should be a concern or not. Here are some common questions you likely have about things that are wrong with your vehicle.

Why Are The Brakes Squealing?

A problem that many drives run into with their brakes is that they will start to produce a squealing sound when you put pressure on them to slow down your vehicle. This is the sound of metal that is rubbing against metal, which means that your brake pads have completely worn down in spots and need to be replaced. Take your vehicle into an auto shop to be inspected, and they'll likely recommend that you get all new brake pads to fix the problem and help ensure you have a safe ride.

Why Does The Vehicle Struggle To Accelerate When Getting On The Freeway?

If you are driving a vehicle that has an automatic transmission, it does the job for you of switching gears as you increase speed. The time you'll notice this the most is as you are getting on the freeway and the vehicle needs to quickly change gears so that you can reach the speed limit. If your vehicle's transmission is failing, it can cause several problems that you'll run into.

One problem is that the vehicle seems stuck at a certain speed for a while before finally changing gears and going faster. The other is that the vehicle will slip down in gears, causing your RPMs to shoot up while the car slowly accelerates on the road. Both of these problems are transmission related and should be fixed as soon as possible. 

Why Is The Vehicle Drifting To One Side Of The Road?

Part of getting new tires put on your car is the wheel alignment, which makes sure that all your tires are pointing in the exact same direction. Over time, your wheel can become misaligned from simple wear and tear or hitting potholes that cause the alignment to shift slightly. You'll eventually notice that this is a problem because your vehicle will drift to one side of the road when you take your hands off the steering wheel. A wheel alignment will get the tires back into the right position, which will stop unnecessary wear from being put on your tires as well. 

For more information, reach out to an auto repair shop in your area.