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The Spring RV Maintenance Guide To Get Ready For Road Trips In Hot Summer Weather

You may have already started traveling in your RV, but there is still maintenance that needs to be done before summer gets here. You will need to review all the systems, make sure the AC is working, and do any minor repairs that may be needed before the weather gets hotter.  The following spring RV maintenance guide will help you get ready for summer road trips that you are planning soon.

Check The Tires, Brakes, And Suspension To Prepare Your RV For Summer Weather And Hot Asphalt

Start with your spring RV maintenance by checking all your tires. You will want to replace tires with wear and defects because the warm summer weather can cause blowouts when you least expect it. It is also a good idea to carry a tire repair kit with you in case your RV has a flat while traveling. In addition, you will also want to check the brakes and suspension and do any repairs before traveling.

Check The Sanitation And Storage Tank Systems To Ensure They Are Working Before Summer

The sanitation systems of your RV include drinking water and wastewater storage tanks. These systems need to be cleaned and flushed before you start traveling during the summer. In addition, you will want to check the operation of pumps and replace them if they are worn or not working properly.

Cleaning Glass And Checking Seals For Wear and Damage That Needs To Be Repaired Before Summer

Leaks around the glass in your RV or on the roof can cause serious problems when you travel during the summer months. Therefore, you want to check all the weather seals around the glass in your RV, as well as any rooftop installations like an AC, ladder, or other features. In addition, you may want to pack a self-leveling RV sealer in case you have to do emergency repairs while traveling this summer.

Check The Mechanical System And Service The AC Systems To Ensure You Are Ready For Summer Traveling

The mechanical systems of your RV include the plumbing, AC systems, and electrical installations. You want to make sure that all these systems are working properly and test appliances. In addition, it is a good idea to have the AC systems of your RV serviced before you start traveling to ensure you have cooling when you need it on hot summer days.

This spring RV maintenance guide will help you get ready for summer road trips that you are planning soon. If you need help with maintenance and repairs before your next summer trip, contact an RV service.