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3 Uncommon Warning Lights You Should Know

Every modern car comes equipped with a variety of warning lights designed to alert you to dangerous situations. If your vehicle has an onboard infotainment system, then you may also receive an error message when one of these lights illuminates. While most drivers are familiar with their check engine light, other warning lights are also worth knowing.

If you aren't the sort of person to dig through your car's manual to decipher all of the symbols on your dash, then read on. Below you will find three uncommon warning lights that might spell trouble for your ride.

1. The Charging Light

If a red light that looks like a battery illuminates on your dash, it does not, shockingly enough, mean that you are necessarily suffering from a battery issue. This light is commonly known as the charging or alternator light, and it indicates that a problem exists with your car's charging system. Specifically, this light will come on when your car's charging system can no longer supply sufficient voltage.

In most cases, a solid or intermittent charging warning light means that your car's alternator is beginning to fail. As the problem progresses, you may notice electrical accessories such as your radio, windshield wipers, or headlights becoming inoperative. Eventually, your car will no longer start, or you may even stall while idling.

2. The Transmission Light

Most owners are thankfully unfamiliar with this foreboding light, as it often indicates expensive trouble ahead. On many cars, the transmission light will look like a gear with an exclamation point inside. When this light comes on, your vehicle is likely already in limp mode, which means that you may notice limited acceleration or an inability to enter into higher gears.

Since replacing a transmission can cost several thousand dollars or more, it is vital to stop driving once you see this light. Continuing to drive your car once this light comes on can result in severe internal transmission damage. If your transmission fluid is low or overheated, then it may be possible to correct the problem without a full replacement or rebuild if you act quickly enough.

3. The Brake Pad Warning

A circle with a dotted arc on each side is a brake pad warning light. This light is present in any car equipped with a brake pad warning sensor. When this light illuminates, one or more of your brake pads have less than the minimum required friction material remaining. Although your car is still safe to drive for the moment, you should replace your brake pads as soon as possible.

The sudden appearance of a warning light in your dash can be frightening, but a little knowledge can help you to understand what has gone wrong and react accordingly. When you see one of these lights, get in touch with a qualified mechanic quickly to resolve the problem. To learn more about auto repair, visit a website like http://www.autorepairhighdesert.com/.