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Working with an Auto Body Shop to Repair Your Vehicle after an Accident

If you are involved in an accident with your car or truck that is significant enough to require collision repair at an auto body shop, there are some things you need to know. Picking the right shop is essential, and working with them throughout the process can be simple if you communicate with them along the way.

Choosing a Shop

If you have never used an auto body shop before, you may not know of any in your area, but finding a shop can be as easy as looking online or asking people that live nearby who they recommend. Do some research and look for reviews for the shop you are considering. Often, other people's experience with the shop can be telling, so check multiple reviews. 

Ten great experiences and one bad one may not be indicative of a problem with the shop, and it would be unfortunate to eliminate a shop from your options based on one bad review. If you are not sure the reviews are accurate, call the shop and talk to them about your car, the repairs, and the details of the process. You can often get a good feel from the business through a conversation with them.

Get Several Estimates

As you are searching for an auto body shop to handle the collision repair work on your car, it is a good idea to have several estimates for the work that needs doing on the vehicle. In many cases, the insurance company covering the damage will require you to get three estimates before they pay for the work. If the car is not driveable, talk to the insurance company about how to complete that process. 

Most auto body shops can work with the insurance company directly to bill the work they are doing on the car and send the estimates to the insurance company for you. 

Communication and Patience

During the repair process, it is good to communicate with the auto body shop about the work and how things are going, but try to keep your expectations realistic and be patient with the shop while working on the collision repairs. Rushing the shop to complete the work faster can mean cut corners, and you want your car or truck back in the pre-collision condition, not just thrown together. Call the shop to check on the process once a week or so, but let them do the work, and if there is a problem along the way, a good auto body shop with call and let you know. 

For more information, contact local collision repair shops.