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Picking Tires: What To Ask Your Tire Dealer

Tire dealers are experts in tires and the way they help cars perform their best. Whether you need new tires because your current tires are all worn out or you just want to see what your options are, looking at all the types of tires available can be daunting and make it harder for you to make a decision for new tires. Here are things you should talk to your tire dealer about before you buy new tires for your car.

What warranties cover

When it comes to tires, the warranties that come with your purchase usually involves the number of miles that are put on a tire rather than how old the tires are. With the average tire lasting about 60,000 miles or between four and five years, warranties usually cover tires up to a certain number of miles rather than the life expectancy of the tires in years. For the best reliability and peace of mind, opt for tires that have warranties that cover most of the tire's expected lifespan.

What tires are designed for

The tread on tires is what gives the tires grip and movement. What do you need tires for? If you want tires that are ideal for wild and varied terrain, then you need tires with deeper tread for ample grip in mud and gravel. Basic tires have lighter tread and work for everyday pavement, while snow tires have studs on them for winter roads. Still, all-weather tires may be your best option and will provide you with plenty of tread to get you where you need to be any time of the year. Ask tire dealers what their tires are designed to do and what you need tires for to help you make your purchasing decision.

What tire prices are

To save money, it's often best to get tires all at once, rather than one at a time. The reason for this is twofold: if you buy all four tires at once, you can get a discount for your bulk purchase. Buying all your tires at once also helps you keep the tread and tire wear even on your tires, allowing them to potentially last longer. Having evenly worn tires also allows your car to handle more reliably on the road.

Ask tire dealers what your best value is when buying tires based on the current condition of your existing tires, the type of car you have, and what your budget is. Your tire services specialist will help you select the best tires for your needs overall.