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Types Of Carpet Repairs Your Flooring May Need

Carpet damage can come in many different forms. However, it will always be necessary for you to repair these damages if you are to keep them from spreading and potentially ruining the appearance of your carpeting.


Rips and tears are among the most serious types of carpet damage that you may encounter. These damages can cause the fabric in the carpet to actually start to unravel in a way that could rapidly spread across much of the carpeting. The process of repairing a rip in the carpeting will be heavily dependent on the size of the rip that formed. For example, a small rip may be repaired by actually stitching the two sides of the tear back together. However, if the rip is too large for this process, a carpet repair professional will be able to apply a patch to the ripped section of the carpeting.

Burn Spots

Small burns can be another issue that carpeting will experience. Unfortunately, burns can leave discoloration as well as cause structural damage to the carpet itself. Luckily, it can be possible to patch a burn mark. Due to the fact that the carpet will be both structurally compromised and discolored, the burned section will likely be removed from the carpet so that a matching patch can be applied. Unlike other types of stains, the discoloration from the burn damage will result in the carpet pigments being destroyed by the intense heat. As a result, there will simply not be a way for a repair professional to restore this discoloration. To avoid leaving behind discolorations, it will be necessary for the section of carpet that is removed to be large enough to encompass both the burn mark as well as any surrounding discoloration.

Faded Colors

Over time, the colors in your carpet can start to fade. While this may be a result of the pigments breaking down, it is most often the result of embedded dirt that is extremely difficult to dislodge from the carpet fibers. Before you decide to invest in a new carpet for your flooring, you should have your current carpet undergo a professional deep clean and restoration. Carpet cleaning and repair professionals will have powerful steam cleaning systems that will be able to force this embedded dirt loose. Once the contractors have finished this work, you may find that your carpet looks many years younger, which may save you from needing to replace it. To preserve these benefits, you will need to have the carpet sealed with a stain guard and invest in regular professional cleanings so that dirt and grime will have a harder time getting into the small openings in the carpet fibers.

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