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Different Car Leaks You Must Have Fixed Right Away

Your car's motor has a lot of moving parts and a lot of its systems take some kind of fluid or oil. If any of these fluids end up leaking from the car, then you will have problems with it. The type of problems you end up having will depend on the type of fluid leaking from the car. Here are things you need to know about fluid leaks: 

Water is leaking from the car

If you find a puddle of water under the car, the first thing you want to ask yourself is if you had the air conditioner on. If you did, then the water could have come from the air conditioning system and this is perfectly fine and to be expected. Also, if the water is coming from the tailpipe with exhaust, this is also fine. 

If the AC wasn't on and it's not coming from the tailpipe, then the water may be coming from the car's cooling system. See if it is just water or if it is actually coolant. If there is any amount of coolant on the ground, then this is likely a bad thing. There are many areas the coolant can be coming from including hoses, the radiator, or the reservoir. Your car is at significant risk of overheating and this can be extremely bad. If your car leaks coolant, take it into the auto repair shop immediately. 

Transmission fluid leaking from the car

If you find transmission fluid on the ground, this is a big cause for concern. Transmission fluid will leave dark spots on the ground, and when you check the color, it will look red or pink. Check the level in the area where you put the fluid with the stick, and if it's not too low, then the leak isn't bad yet. If it is quite low, then you have either had the leak for a while, or it is a significant one. Take the car in right away, because no matter how much fluid you find still in the car a transmission leak is something you can't ignore. The leak can be coming from hoses or the transmission itself, but the leak must be fixed immediately. 

Motor oil leaking from the car

If you find spots on the ground that are any color starting from a clean yellow color to a dark brown, then it can be motor oil. There are many areas the oil can be leaking from and this is one of the types of leaks many people tend to put off being checked. However, neglecting to take the car in to have the oil leak fixed right away does put you at risk of seriously damaging the motor. If you have a motor oil leak, don't make this mistake and have it tended to immediately.

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