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Dealing with Air Condition Problems in Your Car

The air conditioning system in your car is designed to cool the space efficiently with little effort, but if the system is leaking refrigerant, the system may need to be recharged and repaired, so the auto AC refrigerant charge does not drop too low again. There are several ways to restore the system in your car, but if the system is leaking, it is vital that you stop the leak before recharging the system.

Leak Testing

If you suspect there is a leak in the air conditioning system in your car or truck, it is a good idea to take the vehicle to an auto AC refrigerant charge service that can find the leak for you. Once they find the leak, the tech can repair it and then recharge the air conditioning system for you. 

The AC system needs to maintain a specific amount of pressure in the system, or it will not cool the air, and the interior of the car will not stay cool. When the auto AC refrigerant charge service is filling the system, they will flush out any air that is in the system and then fill the system with new refrigerant so that it performs at its best. 

Old refrigerant may not be as effective, and just adding more to the system without the flush may leave you with air conditioning that is underperforming and not maintaining the proper temperature in the car.

Updating Refrigerant

Older cars may still have an older style of air conditioning refrigerant in the system that is no longer legal. The refrigerant is harmful to the ozone layer, and all systems that are repaired must have the refrigerant updated to the new material by law. This means the auto AC refrigerant charge service must flush the system entirely and capture the old material. The advantage here is that your car AC system will be filled with new refrigerant that will perform better, is safer, and will last longer than the old refrigerant in the system. 

If the AC compressor in the car is not working or there is another part that needs replacing, the AC repair service will replace the part and the refrigerant for you at the same time. Often there is an additional cost for changing the refrigerant, but if the shop has to open the system to make the repairs, they may not charge you for the upgrade because there was no other way to repair the system.