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Paintless Dent Repair To Restore Unsightly Dings And Blemishes In Finishes

There are many causes that can blemish your car's finish. Therefore, you will want to use paintless dent repair to restore these finishes. There are a lot of options to restore the blemishes with paintless dent repairs. The following information will help you restore these finishes without a drop of paint:

Pulling Out the Dents

The first step in paintless dent repair is to pull out the dents. There are many different methods that can be used to remove dents without touching the paint. Some of these paintless dent removal techniques include:

  • Suction tools to remove dents
  • The block and hammer method
  • Using punches and ballpen hammer   

These are paintless dent removal techniques that be used to start repairing your car. A combination of these techniques may need to be used to remove the dents without damaging the paint. Using a block and hammer allows you to make adjustments to the sheet metal without causing further damage to the paint.

Removing Parts for Paintless Repairs

When using paintless dent repair methods, there are going to be some parts that have to be removed. There are many different parts that are resins and plastics. These parts often get in the way of paintless repairs. Therefore, they need to be removed to get to the metal that needs to be repaired. This includes parts such as interior finishes and bumper covers. You may need to remove them to get to the repairs that need to be done.

Buffing the Finish to Blend Paint

Once the dent has been removed, the paint needs to be buffed. Buffing the finish of your car will remove any blemishes. You may need to buff the paint several times to remove any marks. After buffing, a protective coating will prevent future damage. There are special buffer wheels that are designed especially for this job.

Protective Coatings to Protect Paint

There are several options to apply a protective coating to protect the paint. The first option to consider is a wax coating. Wax has been used for a long time to protect paint, but there are also ceramic coatings available today. These ceramic coatings last for years before you need to have them applied again and provide more protection against scratches.

These paintless dent repair techniques will help you restore your car's finish without a drop of paint. Contact a paintless car dent removal service for more information.