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Knocking And Rattling Noises Coming From Your Engine? What May Be The Problem?

Knocking and rattling noises coming from your engine may be the sign of a number of different things. If your engine is making these sounds, it's not exactly a good sign, so you definitely need to take your car in to have it inspected and repaired as needed. Read on for a few things that may be wrong with your vehicle and how to prevent them from occurring. 

Out Of Oil

If your car is out of oil, it's going to make some noise. If your car doesn't have a low oil light, you're going to need to be responsible enough to check your oil. Check your oil every couple of months or every three thousand miles at least. If your car is out of oil, your engine is basically being choked. It's only a matter of time before your engine starts to struggle. If you don't put any oil in your car, the engine will eventually just blow up. 

Broken Thermostat

If the thermostat in your car is broken, it may cause your car to overheat. Your car may rattle and knock, and may eventually just shut down. If you have a broken thermostat, you may also notice an odor of antifreeze. This is usually because the antifreeze will drip onto the thermostat and may leak beneath your vehicle. If your thermostat is broken and your car overheats or begins to make noise when idling, turn the heat on to help cool the engine, then get your car to a service repair shop.

Failing Hydraulic Valve Lifters

If your car's valve lifters that open and close on the engine are failing, you'll hear a rattling noise. The valves will need to be replaced, but this can be pricey, especially because you should replace them all, not just the one that's broken. There's a good chance that if one is broken, they could all break. It's best to replace all of them.

Low Transmission Fluid

If your car is low on transmission fluid, it won't have enough fluid to keep the parts lubricated and the parts will just rub on one another, causing the rattling noises. If you don't have enough transmission fluid in your car, you need to add some or take it somewhere to have the fluid added to your car for you.

If your car is making noises, either when accelerating, or when sitting idle, don't ignore these sounds. Take your car to an auto repair shop to have it diagnosed and repaired as needed.