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How To Tell When It's Time For A Wheel Alignment

Some car problems are very easy to detect. You know the starter is bad when you try to crank up the car and get no response. It's generally not too hard to tell when the battery has died because neither the vehicle nor the lights will turn on. These issues are readily apparent but when your wheels get out of alignment, you might drive along for a long time without really knowing that something is wrong. Keep reading to learn about two signs to look for so you'll know when it's time for a wheel alignment.

Your Car Keeps Veering To One Side Or The Other

Under normal circumstances, your automobile should move in a straight line with little effort. As long as you have a firm grip on the steering wheel and are guiding it along the road, you shouldn't notice many deviations.

However, when your wheels get out of alignment, all of this changes. It might take almost Herculean force for you to keep your car inside the lines on the highway and if you remove a single hand from the steering wheel to adjust the radio for a second, the car veers viciously to the left or right. If you don't know much about the way cars operate, you might be totally in the dark and unable to make a correlation between your tires and what's happening.

You don't want to keep going along under these circumstances because it puts you at greater risk of an accident. Take the car to an auto tech so they can see if it's time for a wheel alignment.

Your Tires Are Rapidly Wearing Down

When a car is out of alignment, it puts excess stress on the tires. You may have just bought a brand new set of tires and can't seem to figure out why the wheels have already lost a significant amount of tread. It could be that the extra weight being placed on the front set of tires is causing them to wear out at an increased rate. This is dangerous because it could lead to a blowout.

When either of these signs shows up, there is no time to waste. The longer you wait, the worse the alignment can become until there is almost no way to salvage it. Make an appointment with your auto technician and ask them if a wheel alignment is in order.