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4 Reasons Your Car Turned Off While Driving

The last thing most drivers want to happen is for the car to turn off when in motion or while at a stoplight, getting ready to move again. Your vehicle shouldn't just randomly turn off; if it does, you have an issue on your hands.

1. No Gas 

The most common reason your vehicle may just turn off is that it doesn't have any gas. If you are driving with the line on empty, eventually, all that gas is going to burn up, and when it does, you will not be able to keep driving. That is why you shouldn't let your gas warning light come on, and if it does, you need to get gas right away.

If you are out of gas but your warning light didn't come on, you will want to get your fuel gauge checked, as it is not working properly and is giving you false readings, which can put you in a dangerous situation.

2. Damaged Fuel Pump

You may have gas in your car, but the gas may not be getting to where it needs to go. If the fuel filter is clogged up, gas will not be able to pass through the filter and get to the engine. If there is a clog somewhere in the fuel pump, enough gas will not get to your engine. You may notice your car sputter and jerk as the fuel pump fails, but eventually, your car may die because the gas can't get to the engine. In this case, you need to change the filter and fix the clog. The entire fuel pump may need to be replaced, depending on the extent of the damage.

3. Ignition Switch Issue

Another reason your car may just turn off is an issue with the ignition switch. The ignition switch lets your vehicle know that it is on and that you are driving. If the ignition switch is worn out, it could send a signal that it is turned off when you hit a bump in the road or when your vehicle starts to vibrate on a tough street. In this case, you need to replace the ignition switch, as you shouldn't be driving around with a touchy ignition switch.

4. Alternator Issue

Your alternator is what allows your battery to recharge and is what helps to send power to all the electrical systems in your vehicle. When the alternator dies, your battery is going to die as it is not recharging slowly. Once the battery dies and your electrical systems are not getting any power, your vehicle will stop moving. In this case, you are going to need to replace the alternator.

Your vehicle should never just stop moving. If this happens, there are a few different issues at play. First, you could just be out of gas or your fuel pump could be damaged. Second, the ignition switch could be faulty, or you could have an alternator issue. If you have gas in your vehicle, it is best to get your vehicle towed to a mechanic so they can figure out what is causing your vehicle to stop while driving. For more information, contact an auto repair company.