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3 Signs Your Transmission Fluid Is Low

Your transmission fluid helps the entire transmission system operate smoothly. It doesn't have to be changed as often as your oil, but your transmission should be flushed every few years and topped off as needed. It is essential to be aware of signs that your transmission fluid is low, as you don't want to drive with low transmission fluid, as driving with low transmission fluid can be harmful to your transmission and cause your vehicle to overheat, and eventually lead to you needing transmission repair services on your vehicle.

Sign #1: Leaking Fluid

If you park your vehicle in the same place every night, when you pull forward, stop, and look at the ground every once in a while. If you notice that there is liquid on the floor every time you drive your car in the morning, that means your vehicle is leaking fluid.

What type of fluid it is will require a little closer inspection. You will want to get close to the fluid so you can smell it and see what color it is.

Transmission fluid tends to be a bright red or pink color. It also tends to have kind of a sweet smell to it. If that is what is on your floor, that means that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. You will want to top off your transmission fluid to ensure you have enough fluid to drive on. You will want to continue to monitor transmission fluid levels until you can get a mechanic to find and fix the leak.

Sign #2: Overheating

If you are driving and notice that the temperature gauge on your car is higher than normal, or you literally start to see smoke come out from under your hood, you don't have enough transmission fluid. In this case, it is very dangerous to keep driving your vehicle. You should pull over and allow your vehicle to cool off, which can take hours fully. After the car has sat for several hours, you can add more transmission fluid. Or you can get your vehicle towed to the mechanic. Don't continue to drive if your car is overheating; you can do some serious and expensive damage that way.

Sign #3: Gear Shifting Issue

When you switch gears, be it from drive to reverse on an automatic or from first to second with your manual, the shift between the gears should be so slow that you almost don't notice it. If you are noticing a disparity when you are shifting between gears or when you are accelerating in your automatic car, that is usually a sign that something is wrong with your transmission. This could be low transmission fluid, or it could be another transmission issue.

If you notice leaking pink fluid under your vehicle, issues shifting your gears, or your car running hot, you need to make sure your vehicle has enough transmission fluid in it. It is important to flush the transmission fluid every few years and top off the transmission fluid.