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How To Tell If Your Vehicle Has Low Motor Oil

One problem that can sneak up on you with your vehicle is low motor oil. You could have a leak in yourself that is causing the oil levels to drop, which can lead to running your car without enough oil in the system and causing serious damage. Here are some signs to look out for that will help indicate you have low engine oil.

Oil Pressure Dashboard Light

Your vehicle should have a dashboard light that indicates that you have low oil pressure. This warning light doesn't usually come on at the slightest indication that there is an issue with the oil pressure, but when it is low enough that you need to address it immediately. Don't ignore this warning light and keep driving your vehicle. 

Low Oil Level

You can always manually check the oil levels in your vehicle. While it is not something that you need to do often, it's important to periodically check the oil levels by using the dipstick. Clean off the dipstick with a paper towel or a rag, and then place the dipstick in the oil reservoir. You'll be able to see where the oil levels fall on the dipstick, with there typically being a zone that you want it to stay in.

Burning Oil Smell

Do you smell burning oil when your vehicle is running? This is because oil is leaking onto an engine component that is getting hot and causing that leaked oil to burn. You definitely have a leak somewhere in the oil reservoir tank that needs to be addressed, because the oil will continue to leak out from it.

Engine Knocking Sound

If the engine doesn't have enough lubrication, you'll end up hearing an odd knocking sound coming from the engine. It's a sound that you never want to hear, so it is worth checking the engine oil level immediately to see if that's the problem. The knocking will usually sound like a repetitive tapping sound that doesn't go away.

Poor Engine Performance

Does the engine seem to work well after you get an oil change or top off the oil, and then it slowly degrades over time? This is a clear indication that you are having an issue with low motor oil. A common performance issue is an engine that is overheating, which is resolved by adding more oil. You'll likely need to do more than top off the oil to keep the engine in good condition.

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