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Does Your Car's Transmission Need Repair? Symptoms Of Concern

When you notice some issues with the way your car is shifting, you may wonder if it's time to reach out to an auto transmission repair technician. The hardest part for most car owners is actually knowing what's normal for their transmission and what might be an indication that there is something wrong. That's why it's important for you to understand the most common signs of transmission problems. Here are a few things that you should look out for that may indicate that you need a transmission repair technician.

Trouble Shifting

If you're struggling with resistance in the shifter when you try to shift gears, or if you simply notice that it's harder to shift than it used to be, that's a key indication that there are problems starting within your transmission.

In many cases, problems with shifting can be remedied with a transmission fluid flush and replacement. That's because these issues are often caused by either using an incorrect type of transmission fluid or running your transmission when it is low on fluid.

Gear Slipping

As you shift your transmission into gear, it should hold that gear until you shift again. Unfortunately, when your transmission is suffering from wear, you may find that it slips out of gear periodically. If you've started to notice that your transmission gears are slipping, it's imperative that you talk with a transmission repair technician as soon as possible. Slipping gears can be hazardous on the road, so you need to address the problem as quickly as you can.

Rough Shifting

Any time your car's automatic transmission shifts, it should be a fairly smooth process, and it is one that you shouldn't really feel happening. If you start to feel jerking or other rough movements in your car when the transmission shifts, that's a sign that the transmission is struggling to function as it should. Don't dismiss rough shifting as something that you just have to tolerate. Reach out to a repair technician as soon as possible to address it.

Burnt Odor

The smell of something burnt or burning around your car is never a pleasant sign. In fact, if you can smell a burnt odor around your car, that's often either engine oil or transmission fluid that you're smelling. When transmission fluid gets old, it can't provide the lubrication and cooling that your transmission needs. As a result, your transmission will start running too hot. That increased temperature can cause your transmission fluid to scorch, leading to a burning odor. If you want to reduce the risk of transmission failure, you should reach out to a repair technician right away when you smell odors like this.