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5 Common Engine Problems You May Have With Your Diesel Vehicle

The best way to keep your diesel vehicle in tiptop running condition is to look out for problems that may pop up and undertake the appropriate repairs immediately. With that said, below are some common diesel engine problems you may encounter while driving.  

Hard Starting

If you're having trouble starting your vehicle, this may be a tell-tale sign that there's no heat to start the combustion process of the internal combustion engine. Unlike gasoline vehicles, which use spark plugs to generate the spark needed to cause combustion, diesel vehicles use a glow plug to start. This means a bad glow plug is one of the major reasons you may have problems starting your vehicle. 

Lack Of Power

The primary purpose of an automotive engine is to produce the power necessary to move a vehicle. If you feel like your diesel vehicle is losing power while driving, this is usually an indication of a problematic engine. You'll need to get your engine checked and repaired to get it running at full power again.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

When it is running properly, your diesel vehicle should produce little to no smoke. If you see too much smoke coming from your car's tailpipe while on the road, this is a sign that your engine isn't burning fuel as efficiently as it should. This is usually due to a rich air-fuel mixture. To restore normal vehicle exhaust emission levels and avoid wasting fuel, you should have your engine checked as soon as possible.

Engine Overheating

This is perhaps the most obvious and dreadful indicator of engine trouble. If your diesel engine is running too hot, it's most likely that its cooling system has failed. It's recommended you have the issue addressed before it causes irreversible damage to your engine.

Loud Engine Noises

Diesel engines can make many unusual noises when they're not working properly. Some common engine noises you should keep an ear out for include knocking, rattling, rumbling, and ticking noises. Different engine noises point to different problems. The best way to determine what may be ailing your engine is to have it checked by a diesel expert.

The best way to maximize the output, efficiency, and lifespan of your vehicle's diesel engine is to take corrective action at the earliest sign of trouble. If you require diesel engine repairs, contact a diesel mechanic near you today. Look for a local shop like Elite Automotive