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Spotting Transmission Issues

There are some types of car repairs that aren't as upsetting as others because they aren't nearly as expensive or as much of a hassle. However, one part of a car that can really scare a person when they hear it needs work is the transmission. This is because some transmission problems can cost hundreds of dollars to have fixed, and some may even mean a whole new transmission is needed. There are some cases where a person would be better off junking their car and getting a new one, all because of a problem with the transmission. This is why it's so important for you to take your car in right away if you fear there may be something going on with the transmission. Acting quickly may prevent a small problem from becoming a very serious and costly one.

Here are some signs that can indicate your car needs transmission repair.

The gears are slipping

You can tell that your gears are slipping when the motor is revving, but the car isn't responding appropriately. When you are applying pressure to the gas pedal, and you hear the motor roar, but the car isn't moving as expected, it is slipping. This is one of the more obvious signs that there is probably something going on with your transmission that should be checked out as quickly as possible. 

The car shifts roughly

Another big sign that there may be transmission issues going on is having the car shift gears roughly. If you are noticing there is jarring, shaking, clunking, or bumping when your car shifts gears, then you don't want to wait and should get the car right in to have it looked at. 

The car is making strange noises

Anytime your car starts making new noises, it is cause for concern. However, there are some noises that can indicate that there may be something wrong with the transmission. Some examples of noises a car can start making if there are transmission problems can include knocking, buzzing, clunking, or humming noise. Hearing any of these noises should warrant an immediate trip to the repair shop to have the transmission looked at. 

There are leaks

You should make a habit of looking at the ground where your car was parked when you leave. This can help you to spot any leaks right away, so you don't continue driving your car with a leak. If you see that there is some fresh fluid on the ground under where your car was and that fluid is red, then this can tell you that transmission fluid is leaking. You want to get the car in as fast as possible to have the problem fixed.