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2 Reasons It's Not A Good Idea To Use Canned Sealant To Repair Your Car's Flat Tire

In an effort to be prepared, you may be thinking about purchasing canned sealant to put in your car. You may have heard that in addition to fixing a hole in your tire, it will also keep it from going flat for days.

While canned sealant has its place for use in a dire emergency, you should not depend on it as a permanent fix, as it should only be used to get you to a shop. There are a couple of reasons why using canned sealant to repair your car's flat tire should be avoided whenever possible.

1. Slime Inserted into the Tires Can Cause Costly Damage to Adjacent Parts

One reason why you should not use canned sealant to fix your tire is that doing so could cause costly damage. When you attach the hose from the can to the tire stem, both air and a slimy substance are injected into the tire. This substance serves as an interior patch to seal the hole to keep the condensed air from escaping.

However, if you leave this slime inside your tire, its corrosive properties could damage the wheel as well as the sensor if your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system. If you do find that you have to use the sealant, take it straight away to a professional so that they can thoroughly clean these parts before damage can occur.

2. Sealant Often Freezes in Cold Weather and Throws the Wheel Off Balance

Another problem with leaving the sealant in your tire is that it can freeze in sub-zero temperatures. When the weather is warm, the slime will stay in a gel-like state, but eventually, it will shift to one side of the tire.

If the gel freezes, its weight will throw the wheel off balance, making it difficult to control your car while driving. Make sure you have it removed as soon as possible if you ever do have to use it.

Unless you find yourself in a dire emergency without access to a spare tire or roadside assistance, avoid using canned sealant to fix your car's flat tire. Using it can cause more damage to the tire and your vehicle, especially if you do not go straight to a professional to have it fixed. When at all possible, if you have a flat tire, take your car to a tire shop offering repair services so that they can either fix the tire properly or help you select an appropriate replacement.