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What To Do When Your Vehicle Unexpectedly Stops Running

Many things can cause a vehicle to stop running without warning, but maintaining it can reduce the likelihood of problems. However, if you find yourself in this situation, taking the car or truck in for auto repair is the first step to remedying the problem. 

Diagnosing Problems

When you take your car or truck to the auto repair shop, the technician can start testing systems to determine why it is not running. Most shops will scan the computer first to see if any codes are coming up that may give the tech some clues as to the source of the problem. 

Modern engines have more sensors than older ones, but they still work the same way. If the engine is getting fuel, spark, and air, it will typically run. However, the fuel and air mix must be right, and the ignition timing needs to be correct, or the spark will be delivered at the wrong time. 

If any of the three items are off, the vehicle will stop running, and you may need a tow to the auto repair shop for service. The tech will have to go through all three systems to determine where the problem is and make the appropriate repairs to get the engine running again. 

Engine Repair

Once the diagnosis is complete, the technician at the auto repair shop should be able to give you some idea of what is happing with your vehicle. If the repairs are minor, they may make them during the diagnostics, but if there is something major needing repair, the shop manager will talk you through it and explain the costs before they start the work on your vehicle. 

Engine repairs on modern cars often come down to a sensor that is not working correctly and reporting incorrect information to the computer. The computer can not decipher the problem, so it shuts down the engine until the sensor is fixed. Some of the sensors are expensive and are only available through the dealership.

If the vehicle is still under warranty, you may want the auto repair done at the local dealership to ensure the work is covered and you are not paying for the repair. If the repair is extensive, the repair costs can add up quickly, and using the warranty you paid for when purchasing the car makes sense.

If the warranty has expired on your car, or you drive something older, auto repair at a local shop that you trust may be a better option because the hourly rates may be more affordable. Both shops can typically help you, but finding the best place to take your vehicle may come down to personal choice and price.

For more information on auto repair, contact a professional near you.